What can I say about myself? I love to think, to ponder and wonder about the deeper things in life. I spend a lot of my time asking ‘Why?’.  If you wanted to sound fancy, you might say I’m a philosopher of sorts. I do spend a lot of time in my head.

I grew up in Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia, next to a chicken farm. Well, they called it a chicken farm but it was really where live chickens went in and they didn’t come out in quite the same way, if you get my gist.  I’m the middle kid in my family with an older brother and a younger sister. I don’t think I suffer from middle child syndrome!


I studied chemistry and marketing at university, which is a weird combination, I know. Note to others: Don’t choose chemistry just because you want to wear a lab coat. As luck would have it, I actually loved it and everything science, so it was the perfect choice for me (and I did get to wear that lab coat often).

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​I’ve also spent a lot of time with teens; youth camps, community service projects, and youth groups –young people inspire me with their vision to save the world, their high energy and their expansive imaginations, that’s why I love hanging out with them. My mum says it’s because I’m living a perpetual childhood. She is quite concerned that I will never grow up. But my rule is if you are having fun why change?


This brings me to why I write. Firstly, I love it! Besides this I have a story to tell (actually I have many stories to tell). I’m in love with my characters, their world, and their adventure. On top of this I wanted to write something for others, something that is thrilling and entertaining but really makes them think about the deeper questions, to mull over what makes them human and reflect.